30. Januar 2016


okay lets forget October 2015

Although November was a pretty boring and quite depressing month, I still feel the need to write about it - just the thought of being able to read what had happened in the future you know ? So as unspectacular as this month was, I still learned many new things about life and myself off course. 
I'll just list a few down below:

1. I am way stronger then I thought I was ! 
mentally off course !
thinking I was going to just completely break down with all the pressure i'd been getting from photo school and jobs and in general just every single human around me -  but ended up handling exams, work and personal issues pretty much like a boss. I discovered a new superpower called self control ? 

2. I can be a boss ANYTIME 
due to the way i handled the things shortly described in nr.1 

3.Karma is a massive Bitch
yeah well all the shit I have been throwing to the universe, guess what: it all hit me in November. One personal tip: be good as often as you can, and most importantly MEAN it ! Don't just do it for the Karma. It doesn't work that way.

4. Minor depression is easily cured by books
a few of which helped me a lot 
kafka on shore 
the secret
how to think like an artist
the manifesto on how to be interesting

at least for a while. but i'll keep this medicine and continue drowning in literature.

5. I am not alone 
I might sound very depressing right now, and I am sorry for that. The thing is that for about 2 years I have felt completely utterly alone in this world, which November showed me that I am not in so so many ways. Even just spending some good alone time taught me that

Yes so that was it. I am hoping to have a good next month ! (Which is December, and December=Christmas + new years) ...... im not looking forward to those two days. But the rest will surely be bombing !