29. Oktober 2015


It has been 4 weeks since my classes started. I ride almost everyday to school with my bike. Each day is getting chillier though, which means locking up my gorgeous 2 wheeler for awhile. I cant wait for winter to come, freezing days spent in my cozy little apartment with hot cocoa and the smell of the left over mandarins from autumn. 

I went to my first exhibition of Alfreds this month. He is showing some old Photos of a "used to be" club called COOKIES before it turned into a fancy schmancy restaurant. I have seen these pictures before but seeing them in large prints I cannot help but fascinate over them again and think to myself; aren’t I lucky to have worked for such a great photographer.

My love gifted me with a Record player. I have always wanted one and he just happens to have had two. I am now a proud owner of a record player and Kendrick Lamar's great m.A.ad City vinyl.
An old friend of mine from preschool decided to move to Berlin and share the apartment with me. its so good having a familiar face around this massive dungeon. Although we bicker little about who is next for cleaning the place, I have a huge amount of love for her. 
 The assignments we get at school make me wonder around Berlin more than usual, which is great because I discovered some cute places to spend time at. 

1.first of this absolutely dreamy and cozy bar in Kreuzberg called Vögelchen. If you are in Berlin sometime this place is totally worth a drink ! ( Eisenbahnstrasse 6,  Kreuzberg )
and a tiny fruit and vegetable shop in Pankow called Tante Emma' ( Florastrasse 24, Pankow)

I have started making portraits again. and since my first two semesters are all focused on Analog Photography, I shoot mostly with Film. How I have missed capturing people. 
Hopefully ill get to show some photographs to you guys soon.
A while back the whole feminism thing was and is still pretty much of a hype. Never did I pay attention to any of it since I think one does not need a word to define who they are and what they believe in. But I did start getting curious about the subject and decided to get some books on the word. I stumbeld upon a pulished essay by  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie called ' We should all be feminists' and found her view on being a feminist and her pointing out the issue of Women being degraded in Africa quite interesting. If that is what being a feminist means, I guess I have since my 12 life year been a 'feminist'. Definatly worth the read !
is anyone even reading this ? comment if you do. show me you are alive !



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  1. ich lese immer alles <3 und freu mich weil ich deine tipps, café und gemüse laden, mal in den nächsten wochen ausprobieren werde !

  2. Was genau studierst du eigentlich und an welcher Uni? :)


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