22. August 2015


Berlin is starting to get warmer now, sure am enjoying these days of soleil. The heat here is different from Africa. It seems more powerful since it appears only once a year. I am laying around topless letting my body enjoy the given warmth.
Most of my days i am in the bakery working a few extra hours to save up some money for the next adventure I will be seeking. I still have a whole month until my Photography studies begin.
It has not really gotten to me yet that soon I will have to start learning again. It seems all so bizarre to me .. I have spent the past year and a half doing self study and soon i will be a student of great artists. I hope i catch up fast, it is all a little scary.
The other day I strolled through the gardens in the backyard of my Apartment. Discovering many beautiful things and moments that i could luckily hold on to forever.  I like this system of having a little 'holiday home' in the middle of the city. While on the highest point of the fields i can see the Berlin TV tower, although it is about 10km away from here.  My heart has fallen for Berlin, i adore the amount of Nature that you get although you are in a Big City.
Today I made couscous for lunch and stuffed it in a mason jar. I am becoming a very good cook. bless my parents for teaching me
I was afraid to get into the water, I can swim, but I was afraid of what was beneath me.. and the water was so cold the last time.
Today I took my clothes of and floated in the river and I forgot about all the monsters underneath me.

3 thoughts

  1. Berlin is an amazing city :)
    Love your photos <3

  2. so schöne eindrücke von Berlin. wundervoll <3
    alles liebe. Monika

  3. Das ist so ein schöner Post. Ich mag deine Bilder, vor allem das erste ist total gut. Aber auch was du so schreibst, es freut mich, dass es dir gut geht :)


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