16. Mai 2015

living life loved

It has been almost 2 months since I arrived back to Germany. Life of course had so much prepared for me. 

I came back with the knowledge of not having an apartment for a few months , which at first I thought I could handle but then slowly realized I am more of a person who likes having a stable life. These passed few weeks have been so tricky for me. I was looking for a new Apartment I could call home for the next 3 years and found myself in a very frustrated situation, it is not easy at all to find a place which has a reasonable price and is beautiful at the same time here in Berlin. When I was going through the real-estate websites it felt as if the prices where getting higher and higher by the day. I remember laying in bed one day crying and about to give up on my search because all seemed hopeless. I drove around the whole City , looking in districts no one has ever heard of hoping that someone will just hand me a lease contract and let me sign it. The day I told myself I will not find anything by the time Uni-Applications start was the day this wonderful human being appeared to me and almost word for word actually handed me a lease contract. Up until today I feel like the luckiest human being in Berlin. Today and for the next years I have a sweet cozy home which I will probably not want to leave before I get 3 Children. Okay that is a bit harsh but you guys understand right ? The one thing I am mostly glad and thankfull about is that I did not have to go through all that by my own. I have a wonderful friend and love by my side who kept me strong most of the time. 

My new Apartment is pretty much empty and needs a few things here and there , but I am very positive that I will get there in the next few Months. 

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  1. Love to read your texts :) hoping my english will be better :D


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