16. November 2014

On my weeks

yeahyeahyeah, here I am again apologizing for my absentness. My life has just been too busy to think about blogging on the side. Somehow I always just had the feeling that I already posted what happend this week, or that week or this. But I didn't so I will shortly (?) report my past week(s) :

- I changed my hair color.... four times. I just cant get it lighter ! I am very sure they will be changed a fifth time. Trying to get a slight blondish brownish reddish color, ya know ? Any tips ?
Although i am trying my best to stay a healthy natural the color black is just too boring for my TWA.

- Got a weekend job type of thing at this Cafe making Crepes , Waffles and Coffee. It is super fun and tasty, although I think i might get fired because i am literally always late. Time is just something that i guess will hunt me and the rest of you for the rest of life. 

- Met so many amazing people, from normal individuals, to bloggers , famous and afrobohemian folk. That is so much inspiration in such a short time, and to think that I have only been here for almost 3 months. Who am I going to meet in the next 3 years ? Only time will tell ( told ya, it hunts me )
- Discovered my love for Soul and Jazz music.  I was alone for a week and listened to some of my roommates Vinyl's. My absolute favorite singer is Nina Simone. Oh that Woman's voice is just heaven. Through that discovery I also found great little bars and cafes that have that jazzy and souly atmosphere if you know what im talking about.

- My photography projects are finally getting somewhere. by January next year my Portfolio will be filled. Talking about photography, I moved from Facebook to Tumblr as an 'advertising' platform for my work. Take a look , and maybe if you like follow me : http://ritapb.tumblr.com/

Well that was about the main stuffs that happened. Other little things like me being broke for the month or being hunted by the flu since 14 days aren't that important. Below I have displayed some of my mementos for ya. 

Jah Bless

 Oh I forgot to mention , I was at the fall of the wall 25 light thing... and i have to say , it was just disappointing. But maybe i had too high expectations

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  1. hey :)

    zum haare färben ich hab da mal bei youtube ein video gemacht, da ich selbst einen afro hatte und sie duesen frühjahr gefàrbt habe

    guck einfach auf youtube nach afrohaare färben | texture & tones review i'll promise it really changes ur hair color :D



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