9. September 2014

Pauls Boutique

Ever since Macklemore and Ryan Lewis graced us with the song 'Thrift shop' shopping second hand and Vintage has become  more and more of a trend/hype.

My district, Prenzlauer Berg has some of the well known ( I might be lieng ) thrift stores in Berlin. Today after meeting an a couple from Namibia , I ended up going into various thrift stores, the one the stole my heart completely was Paul's Boutique. 

Paul's has a great selection of jeans and sneakers, tons and tons of sneakers. Offcourse also other parts like Jackets, boots etc. Not only does Paul's sell clothes and shoes, but also exceptional pieces like boom boxes , toy robots , comic figures , motorcycle helms and much more. One needs to take half a day off just to spend some time in Paul's fortress. Sadly I had a time limit today and didn't get the chance to explore the store, but for sure i know i'll be there again !

2 thoughts

  1. Ouh... da war ich auch schon :)
    Ein wirklich netter Second-Hand-Shop.

    LG Josie


  2. oh mann, deswegen will ich nach berlin! sind die preise denn da auch bezahlbar? oder ist das einer von solchen mega überteuerten shops?
    laura xx


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