5. September 2014

My new kiez is lovely

My second Week in Berlin already had so much going on for me. I finally got to move into my new Apartment and started working. Since I did not have much on me when arriving here, i had to drive back to Giessen and get some more clothes,shoes and everything else a girl on her move needs.

Berlin is massive, a whole different atmosphere compared to other German Citys. To get from one place to another one needs to calculate about 30min of public transportation. Sometimes even an hour. At first i was annoyed by that but slowly getting used to the fact. I bring a book with me every time i leave the house, knowing i will have time to spend reading it. 

My new Kiez is lovely. People i have met tell me that this is the hipster location every Student wants to move to. With that im guessing i got very lucky to find something around here.
Although work starts late i always manage to have to run for the Tram. Its like school times all over again. 

Getting around and meeting new people is not as hard as i thought it would be. There is blogs like Mitvernuegen and Exberliner where i get tipps on good places to hang out, concerts, restaurants and what not. 

I like how i never get bored around here.


7 thoughts

  1. Rita, ich wünsche Dir viel Gesundheit, Glück und Erfolg in Berlin! Henry

  2. diese stadt ...
    verlier dich da bloß nicht.

    letzten monat war ich zum ersten mal für ne woche in berlin und hab mich verliebt. (man hört ja viel, aber mittendrin im gewusel zu sein, ist definitiv etwas anderes!) ich hatte auch den eindruck, dass es da nie langweilig werden kann. anyway! ich habe große sehnsucht.
    alles gute für dich.


  3. Ohja, in Berlin wird einem nie langweilig! :)
    Klingt bis jetzt doch alles ziemlich gut, was du schreibst! :)

  4. Als was arbeitest du denn in Berlin? :)


  5. wow... beim ersten foto muss ich an wüstenblume denken

  6. Ich wünsche dir alles, alles Gute und ganz viel Erfolg !! :)) <3


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