16. August 2014

Mobile Diary : Zambia

Zambia has done me so much good. These past few days werebeautiful and adventurous, most of all a huge mental relaxation for me. It was a great to see my mama and papa after such a long time. 

Compared to Namibia everything worked out the way I wished it to. My Dad and I visited the Victoria Falls on Sunday afternoon. We walked around the Zambian side, getting water splashes and enjoying every bit of the h2o we received from mother nature. While watching people bungee jump at the border bridge to Zimbabwe I realised once more how beautiful life is and can be if you live it optimistically. My Mom took me to the Market to buy some veggies and material. There was so much good food all around. I have four days left down here, Iwill do my best to enjoy these days to the fullest.

2 thoughts

  1. Rita, your Zambia is beautiful. Lots of H2O unlike Namibia. Malte is on steps! best greets!

  2. ok. wunderschöne fotos, jetzt habe ich fernweh ♥


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