25. Juli 2014

Without Luggage

After a long year of being apart from Africa : my Family and Friends and the African vibe off course. I set foot on the aeroplane(s) and headed home. Since we did not know exactly when I would be flying we ended up Buying my plane ticket on short notice. The cheapest flight I got was one from Frankfurt to Dubai - Johannesburg and then Windhoek.

It was my first plane hopping and sadly not my last. I will be in Windhoek for about a week and then I will be travelling by bus to my Parents Home in Livingstone. Due to the complicated flights, my Suitcase got lost and I currently have less on me than a Bagpacker. Thank my Brains for reminding me to put my Laptop and Camera into my handluggage otherwise I would be going absolutely crazy right now. From the little money I have I bought a pair of pants, underwear and some shirts to wear until my Suitcase is found. Although I am innerly screaming i'll try to stay calm and enjoy my time.

 Surely did miss Namibia alot. The dry land and air the beautiful clear blue sky and the fact that
people here arnt in such a rush to get things done. Things are not as complicated on this side. At
least that is my thought as a 'tourist'.

6 thoughts

  1. Tolle Bilder! :)
    Und ich wäre durchgedreht, wenn mein Koffer weg wäre! :o
    Hoffe für dich mit, dass er gefunden wird! :)

    Liebe Grüße und ganz ganz viel Spaß bei deiner Reise ♥

  2. OMG!!! I would be definitely freak out!!
    Hopefully your language will be found soon :)

    Serah x
    Serah de Fashix

  3. ohgott ohgott;)
    wunderschöne bilder<3

  4. Gott, wie ich das hasse!! Das ist mir auch schon zwei mal passiert :D
    Aber viel Spaß in Namibia und Zambia. Livingstone ist wirklich toll, ich liebe die Stadt und natürlich auch die Victoria Falls.
    Geniess es (trotz des Gepäckverlustes)! Und hoffentlich hast du bald alles wieder!

  5. tolle Bilder! ohje so was wünscht man echt keinem :O ich hoffe du kannst deine reise trotzdem genießen :)


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