21. Juli 2014

Why Muntu ?

The other day my grandpa called to me to come downstairs and eat. The first time he called i did not pay attention , then he called my name once more with a little bit louder and annoyed, it made me laugh alitte because i had to think of home when my mum used to shout 'Iwe Clarita' and i never responded to that for whatever reason.

Only when she then got annoyed and called 'MUNTU' I used to jump up and instantly do what she asked. Muntu is derived from UMUNTU which in Zulu and my mother tongue means Person/Human. There is a saying in Zulu that goes like -umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu - you are who you are because of how you relate to others around you, and off course I did not instantly think of this when Muntu crossed my mind but this axiom is the most fitting to what I imagine my blog to be and become.  When I hear or read Muntu I feel at home. I feel as if I still live with my parents and my mother is calling me from the next room to come and fetch something for her, I forget the feeling of solitariness and feel cherished. This is my ammunition to leading a whole new life without worry or fear and then off course writing about it. :D

7 thoughts

  1. Muntu.. so ein schönes Wort! Gefällt mir :)
    & das letzte Bild mag ich besonders :)

  2. Ui, mich hat bei deinen Instagram-Ankündigungen schon total interessiert warum "Muntu", ich finde das Wort klingt so lieb! :)
    Schöne Geschichte dahinter und tolle Bilder, du bist so schön! :)

    Liebe Grüße ♥

  3. i was wondering what muntu means. i think the word found its' way to you :)

  4. uii. richtig schöne bilder. <3 hübsch. (:
    "muntu" find ich total passend.
    liebe grüße. Monika

  5. Haha, I loved your little story! In boarding school I had a roommate from South Africa and she always spoke Zulu when she was on the phone with her mum, so I was just reminded of her and her fun and outgoing attitude :)
    I think muntu fits your blog even better than the old name and it's always good to be able to back it up with something that's meaningful to you, right?

    Have a lovely day! Cheers


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