21. Juli 2014

Mobile Diary : Frankfurt

I spent my last weekend in Hessen with a good friend who lives just about as close to me as my way to school, but we barely see each other wich I question sometimes. She lives in a how we call it around here 'kaff' wich led us to seeking an adventure because it was friday and my last day of School. Although the public transportation to was extremely complicated from here to Frankfurt we chose to go anyway.
Otherwise we might have spent the night inventing crazy stories or writing absurd new song lyrics. I am not really the biggest fan of Frankfurt to be honest. It is too dull for me and fulfills all cliches that are told out there about cold germans if you know what I mean. I might be wrong but that is just my sensation. Usually I find it odd to be drinking beer at day time, but we are in germany and the yellow water is the one thing next to ice that cools down the unbelievable heat that is taking part on this side of Europe. We spontanously got ourself Apfelwein in small 25ml bottles at a neat tukshop/souveniershop close to the Main. As we sat by the water watching the sundown, trying to socialize we tried to find out what was happening that night with our crappy internet on our mobile, instead of finding a good party location our phone batterys died and before we knew it we were at starbucks 'borrowing' some batteryjuice and free wifi.  After 1:30min of surfing the net, our hope of finding something was gone. On our way to the S-bahn arguing wether we should go to the Electro party or the hiphop rave on the boat we somehow ended up at the Christopher Street Day. I am not sure if it was the after or opening party but it was a party good enough. And one heck of a party. The Konstablerwache was filled with tons of gay and lesbians. It was one of the most amazing partys I have ever been to. The DJ remixed a currently hyped german pop song 'Atemlos' by Helene Fischer and I ended up going wild on the dance floor. Apart from the unbearable heat, i enjoyed my weekend and I can peacefully leave Hessen.

Last Photo by Vincenzo Mancuso
Edited with VSCO

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  1. Schöne Bilder :)

    ♥♥♥Übrigens gibt es auf meinem Blog gerade etwas zu gewinnen: Zum einen einen 50€ Shoppinggutschein für den Onlineshop "Hello Lovely" & zum anderen ein wunderschönes Cape vom Onlineshop "London Fog" - Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du daran teilnimmst ♥♥♥

    Liebste Grüße Aline

  2. super cool<3
    hast zwei neue leserinnen<3
    liebste grüße vom bodensee<3


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