16. November 2014

On my weeks

yeahyeahyeah, here i am again apologizing for my absentness. My life has just been to busy to think about blogging on the side. Somehow i always just had the feeling that i already posted what happend this week, or that week or this. But I didnt so I will short handedly (?) report my past week(s) :

29. Oktober 2014


Bitte anschreiben an :

29. September 2014

the city of loneliness

My greatest fear before coming here was to be lonely. A fear that made me want to move into a shared apartment, a fear that dragged me to various 'Meetups' for newcomers in the city. A fear that i now do not fear anymore.

17. September 2014

Sunday January 2012 , Sunday September 2014

As I took a breather to the park earlier I noticed that it is funny how life works. You get something good but therefore you have to lose something better. Last night I lay in bed talking to whoever wrote my story.