29. Oktober 2015


It has been 4 weeks since my classes started. I ride almost everyday to school with my bike. Each day is getting chillier though, which means locking up my gorgeous 2 wheeler for awhile. I cant wait for winter to come, freezing days spent in my cozy little apartment with hot cocoa and the smell of the left over mandarins from autumn. 

21. Oktober 2015


my entire body is aching, i feel strange so numb, like i am on a constant high. i have to leave, i need to leave Berlin. This city, the emptiness. I need to leave. My pay is alright this month and G. already knows i cant work every day from the 31st. That is when my Classes start. She will understand if i tell her that i need to leave the city. 

22. August 2015


Berlin is starting to get warmer now, sure am enjoying these days of soleil. The heat here is different from Africa. It seems more powerful since it appears only once a year. I am laying around topless letting my body enjoy the given warmth.