23. Januar 2015

Introducing : CUZA DESIGN

On a cold friday night, at the end of 2014 my roomate and I decided to head out of our cozy apartment and explore the streets of Neukölln. We ended up at a Vernissage/Concert in a Vintage shop called Rag and Bone Mag.

22. Januar 2015

stealing hearts

I remeber the source of magnetizm I recieved the first time he to wrote me, he was a stranger. I did not understand... the universe was telling me something but my head was dealing with past aches. he was kind, and honest when we wrote to each other. it felt like talking to somebody i knew for long.

16. November 2014

On my weeks

yeahyeahyeah, here i am again apologizing for my absentness. My life has just been to busy to think about blogging on the side. Somehow i always just had the feeling that i already posted what happend this week, or that week or this. But I didnt so I will short handedly (?) report my past week(s) :

29. September 2014

the city of loneliness

My greatest fear before coming here was to be lonely. A fear that made me want to move into a shared apartment, a fear that dragged me to various 'Meetups' for newcomers in the city. A fear that i now do not fear anymore.