26. Mai 2016

May : Black Arts Retreat/Soul Sisters Edition

The day my Father told me “we are moving  back to Africa” was one of the happiest most exciting days I can remember. I could not wait to make new friends who had the same color as me.

15. Mai 2016

December - Morocco

I am in Agadir, strangely it feels like home, the heat, the drought, the lack of customer service at the airport, its just the people that look different. I feel free for a second, happy.

30. Januar 2016


okay lets forget October 2015

Although November was a pretty boring and quite depressing month, I still feel the need to write about it - just the thought of being able to read what had happened in the future you know ? So as unspectacular as this month was, I still learned many new things about life and myself off course. 
I'll just list a few down below: