18. März 2015

From North to South

My second week in Vietnam is over. After the days in Hanoi we moved further north and ended up in Cao bang. A small town by the border of China. Beautiful, quiet, calm and clean. Thus to the lack of tourists, the people where very kind and friendly to us.

4. März 2015

Chao Anh Vietnam

Yesterday morning at 6am I arrived in Hanoi,Vietnam. It was the longest one way flight i have ever had. I flew in with a slight cold wich will probably haunt me for the next few days.

23. Januar 2015

Introducing : CUZA DESIGN

On a cold friday night, at the end of 2014 my roomate and I decided to head out of our cozy apartment and explore the streets of Neukölln. We ended up at a Vernissage/Concert in a Vintage shop called Rag and Bone Mag.