21. Juli 2014

Mobile Diary : Frankfurt

I spent my last weekend in Hessen with a good friend who lives just about as close to me as my way to school, but we barely see each other wich I question sometimes. She lives in a how we call it around here 'kaff' wich led us to seeking an adventure because it was friday and my last day of School. Although the public transportation to was extremely complicated from here to Frankfurt we chose to go anyway.

Why Muntu ?

The other day my grandpa called to me to come downstairs and eat. The first time he called i did not pay attention , then he called my name once more with a little bit louder and annoyed, it made me laugh alitte because i had to think of home when my mum used to shout 'Iwe Clarita' and i never responded to that for whatever reason. Only when she then got annoyed and called 'MUNTU' I used to jump up and instantly do what she asked. Muntu is derived from UMUNTU which in Zulu and my mother tongue means Person/Human. There is a saying in Zulu that goes like -umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu - you are who you are because of how you relate to others around you, and off course I did not instantly think of this when Muntu crossed my mind but this axiom is the most fitting to what I imagine my blog to be and become.  When I hear or read Muntu I feel at home. I feel as if I still live with my parents and my mother is calling me from the next room to come and fetch something for her, I forget the feeling of solitariness and feel cherished. This is my ammunition to leading a whole new life without worry or fear and then off course writing about it. :D