30. September 2014

SHOP MY CLOSET / Kleiderkreisel

Hey guys, once again im emptying my closet. I have so much stuff that i do not wear anymore and would love to get RID of. Check out my Kleiderkreisel and see if you can find something you like ! 

Hallo Leute, ich habe mal wiede mein Kleiderschrank ausgemisstet. Habe zu viele sachen die ich so gut wie nie trage. Möchte gerne alles loswerden ! Schaut doch mal vorbei


29. September 2014

the city of loneliness

My greatest fear before coming here was to be lonely. A fear that made me want to move into a shared apartment, a fear that dragged me to various 'Meetups' for newcomers in the city. A fear that i now do not fear anymore.

17. September 2014

Sunday January 2012 , Sunday September 2014

As I took a breather to the park earlier I noticed that it is funny how life works. You get something good but therefore you have to lose something better. Last night I lay in bed talking to whoever wrote my story.

9. September 2014

Pauls Boutique

Ever since Macklemore and Ryan Lewis graced us with the song 'Thrift shop' shopping second hand and Vintage has become  more and more of a trend/hype.