22. August 2015


Berlin is starting to get warmer now, sure am enjoying these days of soleil. The heat here is different from Africa. It seems more powerful since it appears only once a year. I am laying around topless letting my body enjoy the given warmth.

8. Juli 2015

Vietnam Impressions #2

me, the web and drugs

when it comes to drugs or talking about drugs i feel extremely uncomfortable and afraid. it is the fear that i have had my entire life, the fear that was caused by the education i have received. ever since i know about drugs and drug abuse i have feared this word and the objects behind it. I am afraid of coming in contact with chemicals and herbs that are not alcohol , marijuana or nicotine. I am afraid of having to much of a 'digging' to these substances just out of interest, afraid of one day ruining my life my body and those of others, just out of my own curiosity. This is the one biggest fear i have had and still have in life.

6. Juni 2015

dealing with a broken soul

The past week has been one very strange week, filled with a tons of unfitting emotions and events that my mind, body and soul just crushed by all the pressure and trying and hoping and all the tears.