30. Januar 2016

What happend in November ?

okay lets forget October 2015 - 

although November was a pretty boring and quite depressing month, i still feel the need to write about it. not because i have such a major number of fans and followers behind me - just the thought of being able to read what had happened in the future you know ? So as unspectacular this month was, i still learned many new things about life and myself off course. Ill just list a few down below

1. I am way stronger then i thought i was ! 
 - mentally off course ! thinking i was going to just completely break down with all the pressure i'd been getting from photo school and jobs and in general just every single human around me -  but ended up handling exams, work and personal issues pretty much like a boss. I discovered a new superpower called self control ? 

2. I can be a boss ANYTIME 
- due to the way i handled the things shortly described in nr.1 

3.Karma is a massive Bitch
- yeah well all the shit i have been throwing to the universe, guess what, it all hit me in November. One personal tip: be good as often as you can, and most importantly MEEN it ! Don't just do it for the Karma. It doesn't work that way.

4. Minor depression is easily cured by books
- a few of which helped me a lot 
- kafka on shore 
- the secret
-how to think like an artist
-the manifesto on how to be interesting

at least for a while. but ill keep this medicine and continue drowning in literature.

5. I am not alone 
- i might sound very depressing right now, and i am sorry for that. The thing is that for about 2 years i have felt completely utterly alone in this world, which November showed me that i am not in so so many ways. Even just spending some good alone time taught me that

Yes so that was it. I am hoping to have a good next month ! (Which is December, and December=Christmas + new years) ...... im not looking forward to those two days. But the rest will surely be bombing ! 

29. Oktober 2015


It has been 4 weeks since my classes started. I ride almost everyday to school with my bike. Each day is getting chillier though, which means locking up my gorgeous 2 wheeler for awhile. I cant wait for winter to come, freezing days spent in my cozy little apartment with hot cocoa and the smell of the left over mandarins from autumn. 

21. Oktober 2015


my entire body is aching, i feel strange so numb, like i am on a constant high. i have to leave, i need to leave Berlin. This city, the emptiness. I need to leave. My pay is alright this month and G. already knows i cant work every day from the 31st. That is when my Classes start. She will understand if i tell her that i need to leave the city. 

22. August 2015


Berlin is starting to get warmer now, sure am enjoying these days of soleil. The heat here is different from Africa. It seems more powerful since it appears only once a year. I am laying around topless letting my body enjoy the given warmth.